Srini Raju Centre for IT and the Networked Economy (SRITNE), a technology research center at the Indian School of Business (ISB) in an exclusive data-partnership with, has developed the Housing Price Index (HPI).

Decision-makers across the public and private sectors need accurate and timely information on economic activity for effective action and interventions. At present, the information available is highly fragmented, privately held, and low in accuracy, making coordination among economic actors difficult. The cost of acquiring information and increasing its accuracy is borne privately, leading to asymmetry in the marketplace.

The real estate industry plays a significant role in contributing to the economy of India. The industry ranks second in terms of generating employment and accounts for about 5% of India's GDP. Therefore, tracking price and quantity movement in this sector is essential and would be the key objective of the HPI.

Meet the team

Shekhar Tomar

Assistant Professor in Economics and Public Policy Area | ISB


Deepa Mani

Area Leader & Professor in Information Systems. Executive Director-SRITNE | ISB

Ankita Sood

Director– Research | Growth & Marketing,,

Monish Krishnan

Research Associate | SRITNE - Indian School of Business

Renuka Kulkarni

Associate-Research | Growth & Marketing,,

Ashwini Mistry

Manager- Marketing and Outreach | SRITNE - Indian School of Business

Sachin Kumar S

Research Associate | SRITNE - Indian School of Business

Palkit Lohia

Student Research Intern | SRITNE - Indian School of Business


Srini Raju Centre for IT and the Networked Economy (SRITNE) is a multi-disciplinary research centre aimed at fostering rigorous and relevant research, education and outreach that advances our understanding of how Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) create value for business and society. The core activities of SRITNE are as follows:

  • Research that addresses practical and policy questions related to the effective ICT selection, adoption, & exploitation.
  • Education that trains future leaders to leverage ICT for competitive success.
  • Dialogue with academics, industry, government and students though speaker series, conferences and symposia.

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